Inaugural Season of the Delaware Fastpitch League.


Welcome to our inaugural season of the Delaware Fastpitch League. The league is sponsored by ASA; therefore we will be playing using ASA rules (The rules will be covered later). We will start with two divisions.

14U Division

Delaware Cobras Black
Delaware Fillies
Delaware Magic Blue
Midway Orange Crush

16U/18U Division

Delaware Cobras Gold
Delaware Explosion
Delaware Fillies
Midway Motion

All games will be played at Banning Park beginning on June 2nd @ 6:00PM. The 14U Division will play on Tuesdays and the 16U/18U Division will play on Thursdays. All games will be 1hr 30min no new inning. All started innings must be completed. In the event of a rainout the following week we will play a double-header and the games will be 1hr 10min no new inning. Teams will play each other twice (home/away) with a total of 6 regular season games. Playoff games will be full a 7 innings; #1 vs. #4 and #3 vs. #2. Ranking will be determined by Division Record using the following point system (win = 2, loss = 0, ties = 1) in the event of a tie runs allowed / runs scored and ultimately a coin toss will determine ranking.
ASA Mercy Rule is 15 after 3, 12 after 4 and 8 after 5 innings.
Teams may bat the entire roster. Otherwise ASA rules apply.
All games will be officiated by two umpires.
Home (1st base)/away (3rd base) will be pre-assigned to the teams and listed on the schedule. Home team will be responsible for prepping the fields. We DO NOT have to rake the fields before or after games, all we need to do is set the bases/mound and line the field. The League will provide all equipment.

The fee for the 2015 season is $400 per team and must be received by April 15th.
Please mail your checks to:

Delaware ASA
560 Peoples Plaza, #193
Newark DE 19702

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Good Luck, looking forward to a great season.

Val Musial
ASA Deputy JO Commissioner (DE)
(302) 562-6752